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From the frozen wastes of Northern Norsca, Vollsanger was a Skald of the old tradition - a Bard who was well schooled in the ancient songs and epic tales.
Coming out of the Skadi Mountains one day - he found the Crimson Moon Tavern in a glade with many strange people who had travelled great distances to meet together.
Seeing a new challenge, Vollsanger found a new life - waiting tables in the Tavern, selling a song for a copper - writing songs on demand and entertaining the peoples of these strange new lands. After acting as Journeyman for years -

Winner of LARP Awards Bard of the Year 2018 - Come and join him !!


Now his songs can be shared with a wider audience ...

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- Finya's Song - I lift my sword with pride (2019)
- Harma's Song - Tapestry (2019)
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- Valeria of the Heilege Krabbe (2019)
- Sinistaire of the Black Pearl (2019)
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Flaming Eagles (Battle Cry Vlammende Adelaars)

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Vollsanger - Scene One
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"Der Vollsanger" Story Blog
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Party Link - 60-40 Get Well Oiled 2013 (August - Report and Update)

The 60-40 Party was held near Llanthony Priory at the Lower Henllan farm on the weekend of August 11th 2013, to celebrate Susie's 60th Birthday and our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

Everyone seemed to enjoy - so we are probably going to do it again next year - the 61 - 41 Do it again Party will be posted here and on Facebook in due course... (of course we didn't - next time will be the Jude Ant Fest 2018


Love Chronicles of Mythodea
2017 -19

Tanja - "I said I would write you a song"

Lilly - "Dance For Me"

Viinshar - "Heard the Cry of the Viinshar"

Finja - " I raise my sword with pride"

Harma - "Tapestry - Fatal Tastes of Strawberry"

Mona Mour - "The Jollie Rouge"

Sinistaire - "The Black Pearl"


Valeria - "Counting them in"















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